SUV Rental Charlotte at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)

SUV Rental Charlotte is a car rental company specialising in SUVs, located conveniently near Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The company offers a wide range of SUVs, including compact, mid size, and full size models, to suit every traveller's needs and budget.

Known for their exceptional service and high quality vehicles, SUV Rental is dedicated to providing their customers with an outstanding rental experience. Whether you're visiting Charlotte for a long vacation or here for business, the team will ensure that your car rental process is smooth and enjoyable.

SUV Rental Charlotte Douglas Airport

Why Choose SUV Rental Charlotte at CLT?

Solid Customer Service

The friendly and knowledgeable SUV Rental Charlotte staff members are always ready to assist you with your rental needs, from selecting the perfect vehicle to answering any questions about their services. SUV Rental pride themselves on offering a seamless rental experience from start to finish.

Premium Vehicle Selection

SUV Rental Charlotte boasts an extensive and diverse fleet of vehicles designed to meet the requirements of every visitor. Choose from their selection of top-quality vehicles, including:

  • Compact SUVs for the budget conscious
  • Midsize SUVs and roomy full size SUVs for family trips and group excursions
  • Luxury SUVs for a stylish and comfortable ride
  • Passenger vans for larger groups

Convenient Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Our SUV Rental Charlotte location at Charlotte Douglas International Airport is easily accessible just outside the airport, along the rental car road, just outside the airport carpark ‘Cell phone lot 1’. When returning your vehicle, simply follow the rental car return signs at the airport.

Reservation and Requirements to book your vehicle

To ensure the best rates and availability, we recommend booking your SUV Rental Charlotte vehicle in advance. You can reserve your vehicle through our user friendly car search service, or by contacting SUV Rental Charlotte directly on (+1) 347 719 1928.

Driver Requirements

Standard across the US, to rent a car from SUV Rental Charlotte at CLT, drivers must:

  • Be at least 21 years old (drivers aged 21-24 may be subject to additional fees)
  • Possess a valid driver's licence (international driver's licences are accepted)
  • Present a credit card in the driver's name for payment and security deposit
Charlotte Douglas Airport SUV Rental


    - SUV Rental offers a variety of vehicles for hire, such as those from Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Fiat, Dodge and Hyundai. And many more makes and models are also available.

    Charlotte Douglas Airport can help you get the right price and package for your trip, tailored to your particulars and SUV model. It's simple and fast – no hassle required!

    SUV Rental states rates for car rental are determined by the dates and times you entered while making your reservation. No refunds will be given if collection or return of the vehicle is not done during these times. Late returns will incur extra fees. Unattended returns can be discussed ahead of time by calling (+1) 347 719 1928.

    When you rent from SUV Rental, the fuel policy type varies according to your chosen option. This could mean having to pick up the car full, return it full. Select a pick up full and return empty, or opt for the pick up half full, return empty choice. Each will have their own prices which can be finalised at your pick up point.

    SUV Rental requests if you experience any mechanical difficulties with your car or encounter a road accident, that you make contact with your car rental vendor as soon as possible. They will arrange for a timely repair or provide a replacement vehicle if breakdowns or mechanical issues occur. When an accident takes place, obtaining a police report and one from the car rental company is required in order to process any insurance claims.

    If you have any feedback or complaints for SUV Rental, they ask that you contact them on their customer service line (+1) 347 719 1928 and they will do their best to assist you.

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