Best time visit Charlotte, North Carolina

If you are planning a holiday to the Queen city and you want to avoid the crowds and save some money, consider travelling during the spring or fall seasons. You will find March through May and September through November ideal times for your visit.

Tourism spots are less congested and there is a better chance to secure the hotel or tour you would most like. That being said, each season and month has something different to offer, and it would be impossible to definitively state that one time to visit is better than any other. Tastes are subjective after all!

If you have arrived at the airport it is likely you will want to hire a car through Charlotte Douglas Airport before you head off on your adventures into the city. Before that, it’s worth taking a look at what you can find throughout the seasons in Charlotte, to help you choose what to do when you have arrived for your holiday. For further information on any of the named events, feel free to take a look at more things to do in Charlotte.

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Spring is considered one of the most appealing times to visit Charlotte, NC, with mild temperatures ranging from the 60Fs (16C) to the upper 70s (26C). Many people agree that April is the perfect month to explore the city, with attractions switching to their spring and summer hours. This is an excellent time for tourists to visit popular attractions such as Carowinds, the Carolina Raptor Center, and the Carolinas Aviation Museum, just as the sun starts to come out!


Autumn is a beautiful season to visit Charlotte. As the temperatures start to cool down, it's the perfect time to explore the city's indoor attractions like Sea Life Charlotte, the NASCAR Hall of Fame, and the South Park shopping mall.

Visitors can also enjoy the changing colours of the trees at Freedom Park or take a stroll around the city's historic neighbourhoods. The average rainfall during the fall in Charlotte is about 3.1 inches throughout the season, which provides a perfect backdrop for a cosy and relaxing vacation. Whether you're looking for family friendly activities or a romantic getaway, autumn in Charlotte is wonderful.


The summer season in Charlotte is a great time to get outdoors and explore the city's top attractions. From thrilling adventures at the National Whitewater Center to peaceful walks at Freedom Park and exciting baseball games at Truist Field. While the weather in Charlotte can get humid, and it tends to be busier on the tourist front, you simply cannot beat walking around in the warmth, and soaking up the sheer joy that sunshine brings.

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Winter in Charlotte may be chillier than the other seasons, but it also offers unique experiences that make it worth a visit, and thanks to the city’s mild winters, it rarely delves into a lasting freeze. The Jingle City bar, Southern Christmas show, and Charlotte Christmas village are just a few of the charming little perks that visitors can enjoy.

The winter months bring temperatures ranging from the 30Fs(0Cs) to the 60Fs (16Cs), making it a perfect time to wrap up and explore the city's many seasonal attractions. In addition to the winter wonderland experiences, visitors can also enjoy the city's vibrant nightlife, shopping, and dining scene, lit up by Christmas lights.

Despite the chill, thanks to the unique and festive events available throughout the Charlotte wintertime, it is still highly appealing for any traveller looking for a cool but cosy adventure.


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